The following poster includes a non-exaustive list of mesopelagic fish species recorded during MesoBED surveys in the Greek Seas (Eastern Mediterranean Sea). All photos are taken either on-board or at the lab and the poster is available to download in high resolution in png and pdf formats for non-commercial use.


MesoBED in ICES meetings

Zacharias (Aris) Kapelonis presented  MESOBED and Greek MEDIAS (Mediterranean International Acoustic Survey) at ICES WKMESOMeth (Workshop on the development of practical survey methods for measurements and monitoring in the mesopelagic zone) and WGFAST (Working Group on Fisheries Acoustics, Science and Technology) that took place in Galway, Ireland, from 27/4 to 2/5/2019.

Spring cruise in Korinthiakos gulf

The second MESOBED research cruise in Korinthiakos gulf has been completed successfully. A large number of mesopelagic species was recorded and interesting seasonal patterns were observed. The team continues its work at the deep parts of Saronikos gulf. What follows next is analysis of biological samples in the laboratory as well as data processing for population estimates.

Maurolicus muelleri – Silvery lightfish
Stomias boa
Ceratoscopelus maderensis
mesopelagic crustaceans
Pterotrachea sp. – Sea elephant
Deep Scattering Layers

The first MesoBED research cruise just took place

A joint MesoBED/MEDIAS survey just took place in Korinthiakos gulf, Greece. Korinthiakos gulf is an enclosed basin with bottom depths exceeding 900 m and Deep Scattering Layers present at different depth strata. In this first MesoBED research cruise, mesopelagic fish samples were collected during day and night from the water column up to 650 m depth, along with plankton samples and oceanographic parameters. At least 8 mesopelagic fish species belonging to the families Myctophidae, Sternoptychidae and Stomiidae were identified and their diel vertical migration was recorded with scientific echosounders. Samples will be transferred to lab for detailed identification and further measurements, while acoustic data are awaiting for echo integration and statistical analysis. More research cruises are scheduled in selected areas of the Aegean Sea.